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Workflow and Broadcast IT

Workflow Design and Solution Architecting

RK Digital has over 20 years experience designing automated workflows for the production and distribution of rich media content. Raji has managed the migrations of major broadcasters and media brands from SD to HD and 4K/4KHDR, via advanced, automated ecosystems for file-based workflows. True end-to-end multi-disciplinary workflow specialists are hard to find, harder so in Asia; there are only a handful per country or in some cases, continent. Our expertise is not limited to M&E and includes data center, cloud and HPC workflows. With bilingual specialists in Japan and China and available region-wide, when a whiteboard session or diagram will help land a deal, please call on us.

Content Monetization Consultation

An efficient workflow is meaningless unless there are ways to monetize that content.

Modern Content Monetization Strategies (CMS) and use cases are still in their first generation in the Japanese and Asian market. Introduction and adoption of these strategies precipitate capitalization of content creation and infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning can and should be funded by Content Monetization Strategies, and vice versa.

OTT is the present and future; therefore, we launched OTTJP/OTTAsia, an OTT-focused consultancy, in 2015, as part of the Pioneers Dojo program in Japan, eventually placing 2nd in the overall contest.

Broadcast IT Infrastructure

One of RK Digital's core competencies is building extremely reliable high-performance systems, including Storage-Area Network, IP, and cloud infrastructures for the hosting, production and distribution of Internet and rich media content, television and film.

We all have 20 years experience in this arena, and are on a first-name-basis with the CTOs, product and engineerings managers of vendors, both foreign and domestic, that comprise these ecosystem solutions. We are happy to bring the breadth of this experience to arrive at the very best technology solution, taking into consideration budget and convenience at the same time.

Building these types of solutions have led to an additional focus on HPC markets such as financial services, surveillance, cloud services, & analytics, so please contact us with your multi-disciplinary project.

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

In the wake of 3/11/2011, content creators, including broadcasters with 24/7 operations, continue to lack real-time Disaster Recovery (DR) strategies or Business Continuity Planning (BCP).

In the years since 2011, data storage, both local and cloud, has become more of a commodity, and the other intervening technologies have all dropped in price to levels that budgets in APAC can afford.

Increasingly certain services such as Cloud Archive and Replication have been available on an OPEX rather than CAPEX basis.

We've designed and built systems that ensure data and operational integrity during city-level crises. We test those possibilities and stand by our solutions.

IT Specific Services

We also subcontract the following services:

• General and Enterprise Information Technology

• Solutions and Support

• Mid-term migration project staffing