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A foreign language landing page for your brand can contribute to your success; your Japanese or Chinese partners will probably create one anyway. You should also consider it for SEO and targetted marketing purposes; tools such as Discoveryorg and others via Salesforce are often relevant to the English-speaking world.

We regularly employ technical writers specific to our industry who excel in the all important “catch-copy” but understand our complex melange of buzzwords and acronyms.

We can - 
1. Translate your English to Japanese and/or Chinese or your Japanese to English
2. Correct and improve your English, Japanese or Chinese translation

Technical/Technical Sales Support Proxy

Provided the adequate training, we can act as the first point of contact, so your engineers and support staff are not working odd hours to fix or triage common issues, or answer basic questions to get a proposal out. We can furthermore sub-contract out to additional resources across the region, as it may be a nonstarter for some deals or resellers if you lack local support or someone who can get to a site in four hours, a day or that week.