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A year until 8K broadcast and three until the Tokyo, and then Beijing Olympics, with various World Cups surrounding, clearly a pivot towards Asia has occurred, in addition to a significant number of emerging economies in the region, creating white space opportunities for the right technology companies. The Olympics, and sports broadcasting in general, have always propelled M&E infrastructure and content creation technology forward. Creative and collaborative M&E tech, HPC and infrastructure follow suit.

With that in mind, only months after Tokyo won its bid, Raji packed his bags and returned to Japan. In the interim, massive consolidation, as well as an increased pace of IT startups, have emerged from Silicon Valley. You're all growing and your products are maturing so fast; there is a clear need for technically competent hands to help increase visibility and competency in Asia or handle requests they're already getting in this global marketplace. We are here to assist you with those efforts.


Strategy, Market-Building and Networking
Success in APAC is not as simple as planting a flag, locating a partner or continuing status quo with the current on. With 6+ years on-the-ground experience in East Asia (going back 17 years in Japan and growing the business of three different media-focused manufacturers), we know how to get the most out of your budgeted dollars. This includes: which trade shows to attend or exhibit and with who, where and when to prioritize your efforts, realistically managing expectations, and how to crack what sometimes feels like an impenetrable market. RK Digital can help you plan your go-to-market strategy while making the introductions to get you there. We want you to have the best chance of success in this region, which also means getting out of the way when you’re ready rather than profiting from being the bottleneck.

Building your Partner Ecosytem
In our experience it is often the workflow, ecosystem or end product that sells your underlying product; the product rarely sells itself. This makes a robust ecosystem of ISVs, partners and vendors crucial to your success or failure. It should be a mix of established domestic partners and foreign, innovative partners that enable your customers in new and exciting ways. We’ve spent the past 7 years building that ecosystem for other manufacturers and vendors and now we can share it with you.

Trade-show/Event Co-Op
In their first few years, most companies spinning up in APAC lack the resources or experience to present themselves properly at what are key events and seminars. We can help you with accommodations for the major trade shows. We can also plan, coordinate and promote via social media and online advertising networks your sales/technical trainings, seminars, and other activities..

Market Localization
The #1 reason businesses fail in Japan and Asia is the effort to force-fit their products and services, and sometimes pricing, to a market that is often looking for something else. A little effort goes a long way. Let us tailor your product and message using our lengthy experience in the region.

Product Development and Roadmap Support
After your product is introduced to the market, many unique requirements and additional messaging may be necessary for it to gain traction. If your product employs relatively new technologies, you need consultants with experience in the region evangelizing similar products, who also have their ears on the ground customer-side and can provide crucial input to your product development roadmap. You can't sell hamburgers to Indians, but you can sell a ton of lamb-burgers, just ask Burger King.